About us

The history of a family that believes with heart and soul in the raising of the Iberian pig and the production of excellent ham.

Malavé Moreno Hermanos Ltd. was founded in May 1992 but its origins date back to the 50s when the work of the Iberian pig breeding and the production of ham and by-products were established as a family business. The area Valverde del Camino at the hills of the Sierra de Huelva has provided from the very first moment a privileged climate and environment, which was perfect for the development of the company.

Since the start Malavé Moreno has made a commitment to quality, taking care of every artistic detail that leads to get Iberian ham of unique features. Today Malavé Moreno is still a family that believes in the importance of a limited production, able to achieve traditional production principles and characteristics of Iberian ham as it was conceived many years ago

The pasture, the perfect ecosystem for the development of the Iberian pig, a unique place for breeding and maturation of hams.

Other key factors in relation to the quality of Iberian hams are the climatic and geographic conditions in which the pigs grow up and where the ham is matured. The pasture, the Iberian pig and other animals create an incomparable ecosystem where the mankind is also involved with ancient techniques of grazing and agriculture.

In the pastures predominates a Mediterranean microclimate, which is arid continental, with cold winters and long summers. You find costs of brown earth above arid slates, easily eroded and low in organic matter. On these soils grows the Mediterranean forest, which tree layers consist of trees and grasses. The men dilute the trees and eliminate the young branches; because of this the trees become stronger and more productive. The grass has no competition with the shrubs, can increase its presence and improves its composition.

Our Brand is our identity and reflects our origin and our commitment: to produce the best Iberian hams.

The name and brand image of our company has always been linked directly to the name of our family. It is essential for us to convey our roots and the commitment that unites us to the Iberian ham and to an activity we have proceeded for 3 generations.

We want to be a point of reference with a concept of Iberian ham that goes beyond the standards and regulations. Dedication and perseverance are united in quality and brand image to get products with special features and exceptional taste.

In 2009 we began improving and updating the brand image, refreshing our logo, product advertising and corporate application but always under the guidelines that govern our business philosophy and our character.