Brussels, May 2010. The Iberian ham Malavé Moreno Limited Edition gets its first international recognition, awarded by professionals of the fine food.

The ITQI “International Taste & Quality Institute” in Brussels, an independent organization of Chefs and Sommeliers has awarded the Malavé Moreno Limited Edition 2010 to the maximum score. This important award confirms our quality and supports the effort and dedication of three generations of Iberian pig breeding and the development of legitimate Iberian ham, which is ingrained in our family, our tradition and of course in the Spanish cuisine.

The ITQI works in partnership with the 12 most prestigious culinary institutions in Europe such as the Maîtres Cuisiniers of France and Belgium, Academy of Culinary Arts, Federation of Chefs, Académie Culinaire de France, Academy of Culinary Arts Chefs Associations in Spain, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, Federazione Italiana dei Cuochi, Hellenic Chef's Association, Verband der Köche Deutschlands, Euro-Toques and the Association of Sommellerie Internationale (ASI).

Results of the Evaluation “3 Stars Superior Taste Award 2010”. Comments made by members of the European Jury:

The first impression: very good colour, texture and flavour. Good level of maturation and excellent consistency of the meat. Flesh is juicy and well scented. It invites to continue consuming.

Appearance: beautiful vivid colour. Elegant, well defined, with a good level of fat. Perfect. An attractive colour and presentation.

Aroma: delicate fragrance of oak and acorns. Intensive and deep in the nose. Pleasant aroma of hazelnuts integrated.

Taste: delicate meat, not salty. Outstanding meat quality, Great mouth feel. Refined flavour with excellent balance of salt.

Aftertaste: Long and intense aftertaste. Refined aftertaste, fragrant and aromatic.