• Our Promise

    You could taste high quality Iberian ham and fine Iberian charcuterie.

  • Iberian Ham

    Our ham is produced with great care and under a long process of curing.

  • The Pasture

    The outstanding quality of our Iberian ham comes from feeding, race and the pasture.

The development and success of Malavé Moreno as a company based on the high quality of ham and other by-products of the Iberian pig Cerdo Ibérico de Bellota.

To gain and defend a successful position in the market is hard work and needs continuous attention. It is a challenge that demands sacrifices and efforts. Therefore Malavé Moreno consider a limited production as important which allows unrestricted attention and dedication for every product from its origins until the consumer. In times of technical advances and increase of production and health, Malavé Moreno turns away from industry and mass production. Instead the focus lies on tradition, which you will notice in the outstanding quality and the familiar character of the products.

An intensive and pleasant aroma, with hints of acorn. Play of variety. Infiltrated grease, white, healthy, abundant, liquid that provides texture.

Juicy pork. Steady moisture. An exquisite taste, salty, with a subtle hint of sweetness, which leads in combination to an unique sensation. Malavé Moreno understands that quality is the result of several factors: race, breeding, natural environment, food and know how. All factors influence and are important to achieve an unique and exquisite product. The demanding parameters of quality, which are established by Malavé Moreno are above the required level of the regulatory agencies of Iberian ham, and are controlled, examined, certificated and highly respected.

The Iberian pig, commonly called Pata Negra, is characterized by the infiltration of unsaturated fat, which is in its muscles

The Iberian pig, commonly called Pata Negra is characterized by the infiltration of unsaturated fat, which is in its muscles. This makes the meat juicy and let it melt in ones mouth. The diet of the pigs is based on herbs, cereals, but mainly of acorns, which gives them the andalusian taste. Depending on the diet we receive different raw materials. The pigs fed with cereals will become a raw material known as “Pienso”, while the pigs that are fed with acorns and are able to move throughout the pasture are known as “Bellota” and are of high quality. Between these two qualities there is another known as “Recebo”. These pigs are those who by age or other reasons have not been able to take advantage of the open range in full, but enjoyed the meadows so their food bases on herbs, grasses and cereals.