Iberian Ham and Shoulder

The Iberian ham, that is an indispensable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, is made from the best parts of the andalusian pig. The character and quality of the Iberian ham depends on the breed and the feeding. Adding the artisan manufacturing process you will receive an exquisite and delicious ham – excellent marbled appearance, an unique taste and aroma. Malavé Moreno has a limited production for different types of Iberian ham.

The Iberian ham is obtained from the front legs of Iberian pork, raw salted and cured naturally and artisan. It is true that the shoulder and the ham of the same pig have very similar taste, but there are subtle details that differentiate them. The Iberian shoulder tends to be more aromatic and of slightly sweet taste, though no one can say that the ham has a better flavour...

Iberian Sausages

Iberian Sausages are made from different parts of the Iberian pig. They are seasoned with different ingridents: garlic, pepper, red pepper, paprica and other aromas.

You can choose the best sausages in our great variety of Iberian products...